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Build and Manage Portfolios with Ease

Portfolio Rebalancer was designed to support the world’s largest custodial platforms and can scale to firms of any size. With Portfolio Rebalancer, advisory firms can rebalance millions of accounts in minutes with our industry-leading product:

Scalable - supports an unlimited number of advisors and accounts

Automated - allows for nightly and real-time rebalancing

Configurable - supports firm-based and user permissions, model preferences, rebalancer rules

Efficient - provides a streamlined workflow, automated scheduling, and real-time drift alerts

Accessible - access your data on any device anytime/anywhere

Seamless integration – manage your client holdings within the application

How Does It Work?

See how Portfolio Rebalancer scales, automates and integrates with your existing systems, saving you time to spend on your client's needs.

Portfolio Rebalancer Info

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Portfolio Rebalancer Press Release

Built-in Proposal Generation

  • Easily create an unlimited number model portfolios, either with or without target allocations


  • Combine multiple model portfolios into blended portfolios that can be managed holistically


  • Define custom tolerance bands at the portfolio and security level


  • Streamline portfolio construction with custom investment universes


  • Comprehensive drift statistics included with every trade list


  • Post-trade reporting shows the impact of each rebalancing event on the client portfolio
  • Show prospects how their optimal asset allocation varies from their current portfolio


  • Compare current-vs-proposed portfolios across various risk and return dimensions


  • Display a wide range of analytics – including style, sector, geography, and security overlap


  • Project the different growth potential of two portfolios using Monte Carlo simulation


  • Show proposed transactions and complete diagnostics in a professional, customized report


  • Full integration with leading providers such as Charles Schwab, LPL Financial, TD Ameritrade, Redtail, Salesforce.com CRM
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