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With our APIs, you have access to institutional-caliber wealth management, features, capabilities, and analytics. Whether you’re looking to augment your existing solution or build your own investment advice solution, our Advisor Software Wealth Management APIs let you deploy new financial solutions more efficiently than ever before. We feature, just a few of our high-value APIs on this page.


Our Monte Carlo Simulation API is used to run thousands of simulations on one or more portfolios over a specified time period, returning a range of wealth projections and risk-and-return metrics for each portfolio.

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Access fully customizable investment advice and wealth-planning solutions.

Monte Carlo Simulation API

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Our Portfolio Shocker API analyzes the effect of past major market events (both negative and positive) against existing portfolio holdings versus a target model portfolio or index. Select up to 15 market events including 1987's Black Monday and the Dotcom crash to measure how relative performance impacts a portfolio.


2019 API Catalog

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Portfolio Rebalancer was designed to support the world’s largest custodial platforms and can scale to firms of any size. With Portfolio Rebalancer, advisory firms can rebalance millions of accounts in minutes with our industry-leading API.

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Our Historical Risk & Return API analyzes up to five portfolios, then returns each portfolio’s cumulative historical risk and return over a particular period. The desired time frame, up to 10 years, can be specified in the request.

Historical Risk and Return




Our Efficient Frontier API quickly returns the expected risk and return percentages for up to five portfolios, aligned to an Efficient Frontier curve. The Efficient Frontier illustration is then used to compare a portfolio with theoretically efficient portfolios.

Efficient Frontier
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