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Consistent, predictive, documentable risk scoring founded in human behavioral science

We’re introducing an innovative, research-based digital solution that measures a person’s relevant behaviors and knowledge, uniquely creating a measure of both their ability and propensity for making appropriate financial decisions. We call it Behavioral IQ.

Six Behavioral Measures

The key to consistent risk scoring
Behavioral IQ provides a risk score based on six important behavior indicators, including loss aversion, decision approach, present bias, subjective attitude, subjective knowledge, and objective knowledge.


Backed by Research
Working with renown experts in the field of human decision making, Behavioral IQ uses techniques are rooted in science and measured against a nationwide survey of financial capability and risk.


Better Understanding
With a friendly, engaging interface, Behavior IQ helps educate your clients on the inherent risks and rewards of their strategy, and estimates in real-time what the impact their decisions have on their success.


Regulatory Acceptance
Once your client understands the risks associated with a strategy, you need to be able to demonstrate that understanding and acceptance of risk in an increasingly regulated industry. Behavioral IQ can help you!

Behavioral coaching is all about helping investors stay invested,
coaching them to understand how their behaviors can impact
their financial future. BehavioralIQ provides an engaging
platform and real-world metrics needed to provide that
behavioral coaching, and at the same time, deliver some pretty
impressive AUM and ROI figures.

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