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“While technology can improve the way advisors manage the financial lives of their clients, the advisor-client relationship is the most important part of the equation. All of our applications have been developed with this in mind, advancing the science of wealth planning so advisors can focus on the art of advice delivery.”

- Andrew Rudd, Ph. D., Chairman and CEO

Our Mission

Advisor Software's mission is to advance the science of wealth management so financial advisors can focus on the art of advice delivery. ASI’s Digital Advisor Platform empowers today’s leading advisor and wealth management companies. Tailored to suit the needs of each of our clients, ASI’s platform addresses a range of advisor functional needs, including Client Onboarding, Financial Planning, Proposal Generation, Portfolio Construction, Rebalancing, and Investment Analytics.


We love technology, however our product strategy has a deep institutional heritage extending back to our founder’s previous role as the co-founder and former chairman of Barra, which led the market in portfolio risk management. As a follow up to that success, Advisor Software led by Andrew Rudd, has pioneered portfolio risk management concepts and is widely acclaimed as experts in quantitative analysis, asset allocation, behavioral finance, and modern portfolio theory.


ASI is the first to develop the only independent, enterprise-level portfolio rebalancing solution in the industry, as well as the first goal-driven, end-to-end technology platform designed to evolve with the client as their needs, circumstances, and overall capital market conditions change.


We look forward to working with you and your team to build wealth management technology for the next generation.


Andrew Rudd, Founder and CEO

Andrew Rudd, Ph.D

Founder & CEO

Andrew Rudd founded Advisor Software in 1995 to deliver world class analytics to the retail financial services market. He is an expert in asset allocation, modern portfolio theory, risk management, and performance measurement. Dr. Rudd is also a co-founder and former chairman and CEO of Barra, Inc., where he served as CEO from 1984 to 1999. He is the co-author of two industry-leading books on institutional investing: "Modern Portfolio Theory: The Principles of Investment Management" and "Option Pricing." Dr. Rudd was also Professor of Finance and Operations Research at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. In addition, he has written numerous journal articles and research papers on a wide range of domestic and international investment practices and theories. Dr. Rudd received his Bachelor of Science degree with honors in Mathematics and Physics from Sussex University in England, and earned a M.Sc. in Operations Research, an M.B.A in Finance and International Business, and a Ph.D. in Finance and Operations Research from the University of California, Berkeley.

Michael Granger ASI Headshot

Michael Granger

Executive Vice President, Product

As Vice President, Product, Michael Granger is responsible for management and maintenance of all of Advisor Software’s products and solutions, including client implementations and support. Mr. Granger has over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry, most recently holding positions at Barra and as VP Systems Director at Bank of America. Prior to Bank of America, he was Operations Director for CIBC World Markets in London. He also held trading positions at institutions including Standard Chartered, a London-based, international bank.

Steve Bradely Headshot

Steve Bradley

Executive Vice President, Operations and Client Implementation

As Vice President of Operations and Client Implementation, Steve Bradley is responsible for management of Advisor Software’s I.T, Quality Assurance and Project Management of all of Advisor Software’s projects. Mr. Bradley has over 20 years of experience in the Quality Assurance / Project Management field with the last 15 years within the financial services industry, most recently holding positions of Vice President at MSCI and Barra. Prior to Barra, he was responsible for Quality Assurance and Project Management for UK based, Edinburgh Financial Publishing.

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Rishi Srivastava

Director, Engineering

Rishi Srivastava’s experience scales from early startup to mid-size enterprise, ranging from building a global workforce, inspiring and leading large diverse teams in a dynamic fast-paced environment, to strategic planning and execution of product roadmap. His key strengths are Project / People / Product Management, Business Analysis, and Technology Assessment. He has more than 20 years of commercial enterprise software experience, in areas like Portfolio Analytics and Factor-Based Risk Models, and Financial Services.


His early startup work experience at Extensity Inc. was as a Lead Engineer in the core-technology team, where he invented technologies like Group Based Data (US Patent), Workflow Engine (US Patent), and Bob (Extensity Business-Object) Inheritance mechanism. Extensity had a successful IPO and was later acquired by Infor. He also has extensive hands-on experience in building full-stack SaaS-based highly scalable secure enterprise web applications using AWS technologies.

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